wire speakers in series or parallel

Is it better to wire speakers in series or parallel?

Wiring multiple speakers in series or parallel is a challenging task for every beginner to the audio system setup. It is the best suitable time to find three different ways to wire the multiple speakers together. Series is the first option to wire speakers.

If you wire speakers in series at any time, then your speaker resistance is additive and measured in ohms.

For example, if you put two speakers of 8 ohms capacity in series by connecting the negative side of one speaker with the positive side of another speaker, then you can get 16 ohm load as the result.

The overall resistance of the speakers is decreased when speakers are connected in parallel. If you connect two speakers of each 8 ohm in parallel, then you can get 4 ohm load as the result.

Easy to follow guidelines for wiring speakers in parallel these days give eagerness for many people who have decided to connect speakers in the professional manner and get different benefits from a proper use of the best speakers.

You may search for the formula used to find the entire impedance in parallel. You have to calculate this value by the multiplication of two loads divided by the two loads’ sum.

Do not forget to connect the positive side of the speaker to the positive side and negative side of the speaker to the negative side of another speaker for a parallel connection.

Different options

Many people think about benefits and drawbacks of connecting speakers in series or parallel at this time. They can pay attention to guidelines for connecting speakers in a combination of series and parallel.

They have to wire two sets of speakers in series connect with other speakers in parallel. Series and parallel are common types of wiring speakers. A good combination of series and parallel connection also gives the desired result for every user.

If you are properly adding speakers in series, then the overall resistance of the circuit is increased further. The resistance of speakers is added together.

The series speaker wiring is recommended for increasing the overall resistance of the overall or equivalent resistance that Amplifiers see. This process lets the amplifier to run cool and efficient.


You can connect more than one speaker in series or parallel as per your requirements on the output. In the series connection, the wire is used to go from every speaker to the next. Two wires are used to connect speakers in parallel.

The parallel wiring is an easy and common method to connect over 2 speakers.