A Degree
Shouldn't Be A
Debt Sentence

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Malcolm Turnbull's plan will create $100,000 degrees and force Australians across the country into a debt sentence. Tell Malcolm Turnbull that his higher education changes are short-sighted and unfair.


Turnbull and the Liberals' plans have been blocked in the Senate for the second time, but the Liberals have promised that they won’t give up.

Case Study 1

Under the Turnbull's system,
Sean's degree will cost him :
up to $50,000

Sean, 22 years old,
Science Degree, Canberra
See How Much It Will Cost Under Labor's plan
Labor has a fairer plan

"...we can stop $100,000 degrees from becoming a reality."

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"Under the Pyne plan a university education would become a privilege of the rich, not a door to opportunity for anyone who has the ability"

Senator Kim Carr
Oct 15 2014

“No parliamentarian, no political party, no government should ever look back and say that they have made our education system worse”

Bill Shorten
Sep 2 2014
Say No To Americanisation
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